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Purrtec Encryption Keys combine top security software with innovative hardware

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Published August 13, 2019 8:00PM (EDT)

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Almost all of your files and personal information exist in the digital realm now. It’s convenient, but it can wind up costing you if you don’t take the time to secure those files. You don’t have to set up complex software or pay for subscription services that still keep your data in the cloud. The Purrtec Encryption Key combines physical hardware with security software that doubles your files’ protection.

These encryption keys are small in size but powerful when it comes to protecting your files. None of your data is housed on external sites or in clouds, so it’s just for you at all times. The hardware key fits easily on your keychain, and you can encrypt or decrypt your data with a few clicks. Just connect the key to your computer, select your files, drag and drop to the Purrtec window and type your password.

All of your files, including ultra-sensitive information like banking data, are protected by government-grade encryption. Even the Savvi staff can’t unlock your info — that’s some serious protection.

Usually a two-pack of Savvi Solutions Purrtec Encryption Keys costs $120, but you can try them out now for just $79.99 (33% off).


Savvi Solutions Purrtec Encryption Keys: 2-Pack - $79.99

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