Learn guitar in a fun way with this smart guitar and app

It's an accessible way to learn to play from anywhere

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Published August 17, 2019 6:17AM (EDT)

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Want to get your kid (or the inner child inside you) to learn to play guitar — but can't seem to get them to put down the phone? Instead of bemoaning the bad habits of a tech-focused generation, let it work for you: especially when it comes down to learning something new. This Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar is a fun, interactive way to learn to play guitar, without investing in purchasing an expensive instrument (or hiring a teacher) before you're ready.

Shockingly, 90% of people who start playing guitar quit after the first year — that's telling in terms of traditional learning methods not truly sticking. The Jamstik+ is totally different way of learning (and it works!) — all you need to do is connect this smart guitar to your smartphone, boot up the app and you can instantly start learning guitar. It's a nice way to progress to learning to strum on the real thing: follow the onscreen cues to learn chords and scales with ease and use the jamTutor lessons app to learn through interactive video lessons and games.

Just like a real teacher, the app gives you real-time, on-screen feedback from the sensors on the Jamstik+. Best of all, you'll learn to play on real strings and frets that you'll never have to worry about tuning.

Usually, this Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar is $299.99, but you can get it for the newly reduced sale price of $269.99.


Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar - $269.99

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