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Published August 22, 2019 6:53AM (EDT)

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Whoever said the key to your heart is your stomach was mostly right — but in actuality, your gut health might actually be the secret to your overall wellness. More and more research is being done to prove that your gut biome — the delicate ecosystem that keeps your entire body in check — is essential to regulating your body. Instead of relying on general probiotics and hoping those do the trick, check out this Thryve Gut DNA Testing & Personalized Probiotics system instead, which not only delivers deep and personalized insights to your gut health but also sends you a customized probiotics blend based on your test results.

Like your body, your gut is entirely unique — and there are thousands of different bacterial species that make it up. How can a general formula address the specific concerns you face? First, you'll take a simple test, which will give you the insights to take action to improve your health: first, with a customized probiotic then customized diet recommendations to improve your constitution.

From alleviating stubborn bloating, improving regularity to even reducing gut-related inflammation, this system helps you modulate your autoimmunity so you can remove the frequency and severity of gut-related health flare-ups. This system even helps increase your energy levels so you can be at 110% with your significant other, children and co-workers.

Usually this Thryve Gut DNA Testing & Personalized Probiotics kit is $199, but you can get it here for $89.


Thryve Gut DNA Testing & Personalized Probiotics - $89

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