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Published August 24, 2019 1:00PM (EDT)

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Whether it's for work or just personal use, it seems nearly everyone finds themselves using Microsoft Office for one thing or another. However, as the technology changes, it's important to try to keep up with the changes and make sure you know how to use everything so that you can get your task done. With the Pay What You Want: Essential Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle, you'll be able to do exactly that and more.

It's fairly simple, you name a price, and you'll get something in return. What you get in return is based on what you want to pay though. For example, if you pay more than the average price, you'll get the entire bundle. However, if you don't pay more than the average price, you still walk away with something useful and a great deal. This bundle includes 74 hours of content, featuring basic and advanced Excel lessons as well as Powerpoint, Word, and even Outlook lessons. You'll be a Microsoft Office pro once you're done with this bundle.

Don't let lack of knowledge and resources get in the way of you being the best with Microsoft Office. Grab the Pay What You Want: Essential Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle while you can and you'll walk away with something great, no matter what you end up paying.


Pay What You Want: Essential Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle - $5

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