This Gmail productivity suite transforms your email

Be more productive on Gmail with Mixmax

Published August 28, 2019 7:00AM (EDT)

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These days, it's essential to know your way around your email — especially since most business environments use email as their primary mode of both internal and external communication. With its user-friendly interface that's built for fast team collaboration, you might wonder how you can hijack more productivity from Gmail —and the answer to that is Mixmax.

Mixmax is an app that features a suite of features meant to enhance the workflows of teams, especially helpful for sales and marketing, but beneficial for anyone looking to automate and/or reduce the number of time-consuming administrative tasks that can bog down productivity. For example, you can see team member's availability and schedule meetings with just one click, set up automatic reminders for follow-up so tasks don't go undone and even automate workflows so that you don't have to think about common processes or repetitive tasks.

Dream features for sales and marketing teams include transparency into who opens your emails and when (so you know if you need to follow-up with an additional invite or back off the insistent emails when you know they've been read), email template and sequence creation (like developing your own drip marketing campaign) and the ability to dial prospects and manage CRM data all directly from Gmail (which comes in handy if you're using Salesforce). Essentially, it's the ideal tool to help you maximize your use of Gmail, so you can turn prospects into customers faster than ever.

Learn more about Mixmax and sign up for a free demo here.

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