Save off colorful new tools from the makers of IllumiBowl

This Shark Tank success is turning bath time into party time.

Published September 12, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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You may know Illumi from their Shark Tank success, the illumiBowl, which helped people get to the bathroom at night without turning on that blinding bathroom light. Well, they haven't stopped there, continuing to innovate with more illuminating bathroom fun!

Expounding on the success of the illumiBowl, illumi took the regular old night light and had a little fun. The illumiBowl Toilet Projector Night Light features the same motion sensor and built-in light detector of the original model, lighting up when it senses you open the bathroom door in an exhausted, barely conscious state to guide you to the toilet. However, instead of just a night light, the projector uses the porcelain as a surface, projecting any of four images: a fish, a rose, a dartboard, or a poo emoji. It's just the kind of (comic) relief you need in the middle of the night. Right now, it's 44% off the $25 list price at just $14.

They're not just making toilet bowl products, however! With the illumiScrub Light-Up Loofah, you can turn shower time into party time, with a light that cycles through eight different colors while you scrub. All you have to do is move it for the light to activate. It's perfect for kids who aren't the most willing bathers or adults with a fun side. You can get it for 55% off the $20 list price for just $9 today.

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