This distinctive Bluetooth speakers generate unique sound

Enjoy crystal clear audio with unique highs and lows.

Published September 21, 2019 9:00AM (EDT)

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Audiophiles rejoice: if the standard sound experience is enough to bore you to tears, you need a set of unique speakers. These Thonet & Vander® Hoch BT™ Speakers (Manufacturer Recertified) don't just deliver the crisp, immersive audio you've come to expect from your favorite media (from music to shows to gaming) — it generates deep bass and high notes that can make your favorite horror movie spookier than ever and the anticipation before any plot twist more intense.

Slim and sleek enough to look good in any room and fit into the most discreet of corners, these Bluetooth-powered speakers are equipped with both Howl Bass technology and Drone FX to generate deep lows and distinct highs. This elite sound system boasts 380 watts of peak power thanks to its innovative sound technology and design — each two 5.25" woofers are made entirely of Aramid fiber (resulting in the characteristic yellow color) that optimizes driver performance. Plus, the HDAA™ wood prevents vibration and sound leakage, resulting in a more accurate and sustainable performance for long-term use.

The upper ring of the suspension is made of elastic rubber, which allows greater displacement sensitivity and resistance to sound bumps, and the speakers feature ergonomic controls that optimize precise volume, bass and treble control.

Usually this Thonet & Vander® Hoch BT™ Speakers (Manufacturer Recertified) is $349.99, but you can get it here for $99.


Thonet & Vander® Hoch BT™ Speakers (Manufacturer Recertified) - $99

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