MLB fandom essentials to get into the World Series spirit

The World Series are soon approaching. Do you have all the MLB-inspired essentials to get into the team spirit?

Published October 17, 2019 3:10PM (EDT)

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Between the tickets and the fan gear, there’s lots of prep work that goes into celebrating the Major League Baseball World Series the right way. Get geared up for this year’s biggest event in baseball with our top picks.


If watching the World Series behind a screen doesn’t do it for you, it’s never too late to score tickets to an unforgettable game. Get in on the action with tickets to the main event, as tensions rise between the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros in the American League, and the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals in the National League in order to determine the World Series matchup. Watch history unfold as you cheer along with thousands of cheering fans—even if you’re not all rooting for the same team.

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11.5-inch I-Web Baseball Glove 

Whether you’re practicing your curve ball on your home field or cautiously optimistic about catching a pop fly in the stands of the World Series, you’re best off coming prepared with a steer-hide leather glove that hits a home run in the durability department.

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MLB St. Louis Cardinals Decal Kit

Turn virtually any of your possessions into temporary fan gear with these spirited adhesive decals. Thanks to the addition of numbered decals, you can personalize your gear to commemorate your favorite player, too, and maybe for a brief moment, channel them into your game day persona.

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Washington Nationals Triangle Regulation Cornhole Tailgate Game

We can’t all have Max Scherzer levels of hand-eye-coordination, but with a competitive game of cornhole, you can certainly try. Made from cabinet-grade birch and premium hardware, it’s as much a collectors item as it is a great way to get charged up before a big game.

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New York Yankees Tailgate Table 

No tailgate is complete without a heated game of beer pong, so swap your kitchen table for something a little more festive and on-brand. Foldable for easy storage and transportation, you’ll have a field day leading up to the MLB World Series while competing against your opponents.

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