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Published October 18, 2019 1:00PM (EDT)

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Microsoft Office is the most ubiquitous office suite on the planet. If you want to function in a modern office, you pretty much have to have some Office proficiency. But if you want to get ahead in the modern office, you need some Office expertise. The Complete Microsoft Office Training Bundle will help you get there.

This 8-course, 62-hour bundle covers the most popular programs in Microsoft Office individually, focusing on both the 2016 and newest 2019 versions of the platform. You'll take a deep dive into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to learn how to get the most out of each. From the absolute basics to advanced, little known techniques, you'll develop a comprehensive understanding that will enhance your productivity and improve your work performance. Each course comes with downloadable follow-along exercises and testing, as well as a certificate of completion, to fortify and demonstrate your expertise.

Get ahead by becoming your office's Microsoft Office guru. Normally $249, you can save 87% off when you get the bundle for $29 today.


The Complete Microsoft Office Training Bundle - $29.99

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