12 Men’s watches under $500 that still look expensive

Here’s definitive proof that you can own a timeless wrist watch without breaking the bank.

Published November 17, 2019 8:55AM (EST)

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In this day and age, owning a wrist watch is no longer 100 percent necessary. You can easily access the time and date from your cell phone, your laptop, or your tablet. Still, there’s something nice about wearing a watch and glancing down to check the time without also getting distracted by various notifications or social media. 

A nice watch doesn’t need to require months of saving paychecks either. The internet offers a whole bunch of options for designer brands at a discounted price, as well as smartwatches that do it all and come in at only a few hundred bucks. Here are a few men’s watches under $500 that you’ll want to start wearing ASAP: 

Movado Bold Black Dial Men’s Watch, $395.00

This Movado watch has both unique touches and a minimalist design. The rose gold is a more trendy and unique aspect of the watch, while the lack of numbers keeps the face super simple and straight-forward. At $395, this is a great price for an attractive Movado piece.

Fitbit Versa 2, $199.95

In search of a watch that will keep you on top of your fitness game? Look no further than the Fitbit Versa 2. The smartwatch offers a variety of features that allow you to keep track of your health and fitness throughout the day and the night. You can ask the watch questions out loud, it tracks your sleep patterns and your heart rate, it offers on-screen workouts you can follow, and the battery lasts for more than five days before needing to be charged.

Fossil Grant Sport Automatic Black Leather Watch, $255.00

The face of this watch has a lot going on, as it shows how the insides of a clock work. With the leather strap and basic colors, this is a classic option that still looks interesting. It also doesn’t require a battery: the Grant watches work based on automatic movement of your wrist, so no charging or changing of batteries required, ever.

Drive Watch, $200

The Drive watch is a sporty take on a classic style, featuring an all-black look with a stainless steel case. It’s water resistant, durable, and looks good on your wrist. You won’t even miss the fancy smartwatch features.

Movado Heritage Men’s Gold Watch, $475.00

This yellow gold watch will stand out in the best way. Featuring a more classic, old-fashioned look, it has a yellow bezel band a rectangular face that will transport you right back in time. 

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