Stay secure online with these virtual private networks

You can never be too safe online. These VPNs help you surf your favorite sites and apps worry-free.

Published November 28, 2019 8:55AM (EST)

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Whether you’re looking to optimize your gameplay or safely connect to your mobile bank account, these virtual private networks instil the confidence you need to freely explore the web.

Hide My Ass

A visible IP address is a surefire way to make yourself vulnerable to threats. Maintain anonymity with IP shuffle, which randomly selects a new location for you once a day or every few minutes. Their logic? It’s tough to track a moving target. 

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Whether you’re switching Wi-Fi networks or temporarily out of range, Tunnelbear’s military-grade encryption service protects your device from any unwanted traffic during those brief moments of vulnerability, and then immediately reconnects the moment it detects service. Plus, you can connect up to five devices to Tunnelbear, from mobile devices to browser extensions. 

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Unlike your internet service provider, NordVPN’s strict no-log policy means they won’t track your personal data, search history, downloaded files, or software used, which means they have nothing to share with the government, advertisers or other third-parties. Just you and your browser—the way it should be.

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Vyper VPN

In the fight for an open internet, VyperVPN’s Chameleon feature allows you to freely access networks restricted by organizations and governments alike in countries including China, Russia, India and more. This proprietary technology simultaneously resolves speed issues that are a result of government-implemented bandwidth limitations.

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F-Secure’s comprehensive cybersecurity package can help you stay impervious to threats. Chief among its great features is the encryption service that blocks third parties from reading your data. Bet you never thought you could do your online banking in an airport coffee shop.

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Browsing with Surfshark’s CleanWeb means never accidentally clicking on malicious websites, and never having to sit through endless pop-ups that block your screen and eat up data. Plus, you get to protect as many devices and family members as you’d like.

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Proton VPN 

 From the founders of ProtonMail, the ever-acclaimed encrypted email service, comes an iron-clad VPN perfect for browsing in even the most high-risk jurisdictions. Each time you connect to the web using ProtonVPN, a new single-use encryption key is generated that cannot be captured and decrypted at a later date in the rare event that your key gets compromised. 

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Avast SecureLine VPN

Is there anything Avast can’t do? Here, you have the flexibility to choose your server whether you’re looking for peer-to-peer functionalities, secured torrenting, lag-free gameplay, and high-speed streaming no matter your location (translation: watch all the Netflix shows previously available only in other countries). 

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