7 unique gadgets you never knew you could buy online

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or treating yourself, these 10 unique gadgets are sure to wow.

Published November 29, 2019 8:55AM (EST)

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Finding the perfect gadget to gift to a friend—or to treat yourself after landing that sweet gig—is no easy feat. With so many product releases each year, it’s tough to determine which gadgets will live up to the hype. We did the digging, and found seven unique gadgets you can get delivered straight to your door, and enjoy for years to come. 

Kalorik Electric Shoe Polisher

They say the first thing someone notices about you is your shoes. Sporting a pair of perfectly shined shoes is the ultimate way to make a statement, but unfortunately, the lost art has been relegated to airport terminals. With your personal shoe polisher, two soft brushes pre-clean, polish, and shine, so you can finally put your best foot forward.

Buy it from Kotulas

The Award Winning 100” Cinema Projector

Imagine being able to set up your own private movie theater with the click of the button. With a 2080-pixel and 20” by 100” display, this pocket-sized gadget turns any wall into the perfect viewing surface through WiFi or its associated cables, whether you’re binge-watching a long-anticipated TV series, beating your highest score on your favorite video game, breaking a sweat to a workout video, or faking a wood-burning fireplace. ‘Tis the season, after all.

Buy it from Hammacher

Lizard Cam by Atomic Beam

Cat kick a valuable under the sofa? Think you might have dropped it in the sink? This handy four-foot waterproof cable attached to an LCD screen is here to do the dirty work. Illuminated by an LED light, this flexible wire fits into all those out-of-sight nooks and crannies, so you can recover your possessions quickly and efficiently.

Buy it from Bulbhead

Granitestone Diamond Electric Smokeless Grill

No need to wait for the summer months to dust off that outdoor grill. You can now enjoy the taste and aroma of barbecue any time, anywhere. Titanium and diamond-infused coating gives you a hazard-free grilling experience that’s free of smoke and flames. The included drip tray makes for easy cleanup—and it’s dishwasher safe, too.

Buy it from Things You Never Knew Existed

Lo-Back Trax

If you sit at a desk all day, chances are you experience—or have experienced—low-back pain. Not only is the discomfort a nuisance, but it can lead to even more serious osteopathic issues if not treated properly. Enter the Lo-Back Trax, which helps relieve spinal pressure associated with sciatica, degenerative joint disease, herniated discs, and more. Consult with your physician before incorporating the Lo-Back Trax into your lifestyle. 

Buy it from LTD Commodities

Heated Auto Ice Scraper

In sub-zero temps, it often feels as though all the muscle grease in the world couldn’t crack that thick sheet of ice off your windshield. Save yourself the headache (and backache!) before your morning commute, and allow the Heated Auto Ice Scraper to melt your windshield and windows clean thanks to its built-in squeegee and heating capabilities. Its 10-foot cord connects to your vehicle’s DC-12V lighter socket, allowing for easy scraping in a pinch.

Buy it from As Seen on TV 

EpikGo Self-Balance Scooter Board

This gadget and mode of transportation all in one is essential for those who want to limit their carbon footprint, navigate tough terrain, and unleash their inner child. Traveling at a maximum of 10 miles per hour on a single charge over a span of 10 miles, this compact scooter board no bigger than a skateboard is a great way to beat traffic, relax, and get to your destination safely. 

Buy it from ApolloBox

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