"Fox & Friends" fumes at Mitt Romney for voting to convict Trump: “Don’t bring religion into this!"

The senator from Utah cited his Mormon faith when discussing his vote to remove the president from office

Published February 6, 2020 11:11AM (EST)

Fox & Friends (Fox News)
Fox & Friends (Fox News)

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The hosts of "Fox & Friends" were very displeased at Sen. Mitt Romney's (R-UT) justification for voting to convict President Donald Trump of abuse of power.

Specifically, the hosts took particular umbrage with Romney citing his Mormon faith as justification for voting to remove the president from office.

"Don't bring religion into this!" shouted co-host Brian Kilmeade. "For him to bring religion in — it has nothing to do with religion! 'My faith makes me do this' — are you kidding! What about your faith and this case meld together? That is unbelievable for him to bring religion into this! His faith!"

Co-host Steve Doocy, who earlier in the segment sarcastically called Romney "the Democrats' favorite Republican," meekly spoke up for the Utah senator by saying that "a lot of people are guided by their faith."

"That was totally insincere!" Kilmeade raged. "'My faith makes me want to convict Donald Trump,' when two years ago you said he was unworthy for the office?!"

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By Brad Reed