Fox Business' Stuart Varney slams Mike Pence for not wearing mask at Mayo Clinic: "Obey the rules"

“It does not help when public officials ignore their own rules like Vice President Mike Pence"

Published April 29, 2020 2:15PM (EDT)

Stuart Varney on Fox Business (Fox News)
Stuart Varney on Fox Business (Fox News)

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Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Wednesday chastised Vice President Mike Pence for refusing to wear a mask during his recent visit to the Mayo Clinic.

On his Fox Business program, Varney pointed out that some New Yorkers had recently been seen gathering without masks to watch a Blue Angels flyover on Tuesday.

"What happens this weekend if the weather is good and New Yorkers pour out of their homes and apartments and gather in crowds, they get too close together all in Central Park?" Varney opined. "This is true anywhere in the country where social distancing rules apply."

"Can we enjoy the spring responsibly? We better," he continued. "Because a spike in new cases would mean a second wave and perhaps a new and more crippling lockdown. Nobody wants that."

Varney advised Americans to "wash your hands, wear a mask and keep your distance."

"It does not help when public officials ignore their own rules," Varney said. "Like Vice President Mike Pence at the Mayo Clinic yesterday."

"He should have worn a mask. He didn't," the Fox Business host added. "We should all obey the rules coming out this week. We can have our cake and eat it, too."

Watch the video below from Fox Business:

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