Trump claims his niece signed an NDA, threatens to sue her over tell-all book: report

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering a lawsuit against his niece

By Matthew Chapman
June 17, 2020 9:45AM (UTC)
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U.S. President Donald Trump makes a statement to the press in the Rose Garden about restoring "law and order" in the wake of protests at the White House (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that President Donald Trump is considering a lawsuit against his niece, over the upcoming release of her tell-all book.

"According to two people familiar with the situation, Donald Trump has told people close to him that he's getting his lawyers to look into the Mary Trump matter, to explore what could be done in the way of legal retribution — or at least a threat — likely in the form of a cease and desist letter," reported Asawin Suebsaeng and Lachlan Cartwright. "One of the sources with knowledge of the situation said that in the past couple of days, the president appeared irked by news of her book and at one point mentioned that Mary had signed an NDA years ago."


"Mary Trump signed an NDA following a 2001 settlement after litigation disputing Fred Trump's estate, according to people familiar with the matter," said the report. "That NDA states she is not allowed to publish anything regarding the litigation or her relationship with Donald, Maryanne and Robert."

On Sunday, it was reported that Mary Trump was prepared to move forward with the book, Too Much And Never Enough, which will — among other things — describe her role in helping break the New York Times story from two years ago that exposed the Trump family's "fraudulent" tax practices that went into the president's inheritance. That story implicated not just Trump but his sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who announced her retirement shortly after the story broke.

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