Department of Justice probing possible bribery scheme concerning presidential pardon: report

Trump recently pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn connected to the Russia investigation

Published December 1, 2020 6:55PM (EST)

Donald Trump (Getty Images)
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

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On Tuesday, CNN reported that the Justice Department is investigating a potential transfer of money to the White House in exchange for a pardon from outgoing President Donald Trump.

The president recently announced a pardon of his former national security adviser Michael Flynn for his guilty plea for false statements in connection with the Russia investigation. Another recent report suggests Trump's attorney and longtime ally Rudy Giuliani discussed a preemptive pardon for future criminal charges with the president.

According to Katelyn Polantz, "The disclosure is in 20 pages of partially redacted documents made public by the DC District Court on Tuesday afternoon. The records show Chief Judge Beryl Howell's review in August of a request from prosecutors to access documents obtained in a search as part of a bribery-for-pardon investigation." Nobody has reportedly been indicted yet.

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