"Stand by for lawsuit": Twitter users taunt Trump as TIME names Biden-Harris "Person of the Year"

Twitter users are trolling the lame-duck president with posts predicting how they think Trump will respond

Published December 11, 2020 3:33PM (EST)

Donald Trump (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Donald Trump (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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Twitter users are anticipating President Donald Trump's reaction to losing once again to incoming President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. 

On Thursday when TIME magazine announced its annual "Person of the Year," social media users were shocked, and pleased, to see more than one person on the newly unveiled cover of its December issue. But they also know there is one person who won't be happy: Trump.

Now, Twitter users are trolling the lame-duck president with posts predicting how they think Trump will respond to the magazine's prestigious selection, reports HuffPost.

Actor Mark Hamil predicted that Trump would try to contest the magazine cover in a baseless argument similar to the one he has been pushing about voter fraud. 

"Stand by for lawsuit alleging the magazine's selection process was fraudulent and rigged," he tweeted.

With a cartoon image of Trump, television producer Corey Reynolds offered a comical impersonation and prediction of Trump's reaction tweeting, "I'm mad. I'm soooooooooo bigly f**ing mad right now. Knowing that people are laughing at me (again) and saying, 'd**n you just can't stop losing, you orange-faced fascist' makes is so much worse... Completely unrelated but, my kids are awful too. We're all just... terrible."

Some wondered if the president had already gone to bed for the night as they predicted the Twitter firestorm would likely come in the morning. "Has Trump started ranting about Time magazine yet? If not, either he's not watching tv - the only place he gets his news - or he's asleep," one Twitter user said, adding, "Or calling his corrupt Proto fascists in the GOP with more thoughts on their war on democracy."

One Twitter user even reflected on Trump photoshopping himself on a TIME magazine cover as he noted how much of a blow the loss might be for the embattled president.

Trump has yet to comment on TIME magazine's selection but many Twitter users are expecting the tweetstorm to come sometime today.


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