Toss your favorite pasta in Martha Stewart's baked feta dip for an easy, comforting weeknight dinner

An alternative to that viral feta pasta dish, this simple recipe only takes four steps to complete

Published February 17, 2021 11:00AM (EST)

Martha Stewart (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)
Martha Stewart (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)

The casual and carefree nature of an appetizer is what we crave when preparing the main course at the end of another busy weeknight. If only dinner entailed breaking out a chic chopping block every night and assembling a charcuterie board, fruit plate or hummus trio drizzled olive oil. Because unless you want to spend your evenings picking at cheese and grapes — which doesn't sound too bad, honestly— the easy dinner of your dreams may seem out of reach.

Or so we thought until Martha Stewart's baked feta-marinade dip resurfaced this week on Instagram — and thank goddess she pulled this 2018 recipe from her archives! Not only is it a fantastic alternative to the recent viral feta pasta craze — here, the addition of piquillo peppers offers a sweet twist — it's the ultimate example of the perfect no-fuss dinner we've so desperately been craving. 

If you want to cut corners, you can simply dress up a jar of marinara and serve it with store-bought crostini. Whereas, if you want to channel your Martha, you can go the extra mile and whip up a homemade marinara with only five ingredients.


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Assembling this appetizer is a breeze. First, blend the sauce with the peppers. Then, pour the mixture into a heatproof dish. Finally, top it with feta, and bake until everything is nice and bubbly. Serve your finished dip with a batch of this crisp (but not too crisp!) crostini.

To transform your delicious creation from appetizer into a simple weeknight dinner, all you need to do is add one step to the original three-step recipe. And it couldn't be any less complicated: Toss your favorite type of pasta into the dish.

Too good to be true? You won't know until you try it for yourself. But once you do, this baked feta-marinade is guaranteed to be a staple in your home. Full recipe here.

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