Fox News host laughs as Jason Miller lies about Biden's "wipeout" on Air Force One stairs

"I want to slip in one last question," Howard Kurtz said before asking Miller about Biden

By David Edwards
March 22, 2021 8:30AM (UTC)
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Fox News host and media critic Howard Kurtz on Sunday gave Trump adviser Jason Miller a chance to mock President Joe Biden for tripping while jogging up the stairs on Air Force One.

"I want to slip in one last question," Kurtz said, setting up Miller to slam Biden, "which is Joe Biden tripped on the plane steps the other day, got a lot of media derision for that. I'm sure since the press went haywire when Donald Trump had a little trouble, was a little shaky walking down that ramp that you're going to say that this is a non-story and give Biden a break, right?"


"Yeah, something like that," Miller replied as both men laughed. "But here's the thing. If Joe Biden can't even make it up the flight of stairs. I mean, Howie, it wasn't once, it wasn't twice, it was three times. And who knew that Stair Force One was going to be such a challenge for our current leader of the country."

"And now to see Joe Biden wipeout," he added. "Karma is a you know what, Howie. And I think for so many in the media who focused on President Trump and are completely ignoring what happened to Joe Biden just this week, you know, let's go and call it for what it is and Joe Biden just doesn't have the fortitude for this job."

"Alright," Kurtz said. "I wouldn't overplay either incident, but good to hear from you."


You can watch the video below via YouTube:

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