A guide to cheese and condiments for summer meals

Use them on burgers, dogs, and everything in between

Published June 5, 2021 4:29PM (EDT)

 (James Ransom / Food52)
(James Ransom / Food52)

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I consider both cheese and condiments to be essential when it comes to elevating a summer spread. Whether I'm making a cheese plate or a more formal meal, I always try to make sure sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami notes are present in the cheeses and condiments I put out: together, they make for a party on the taste buds. Try these 5 cheese and condiment pairings for a future summer cheese board, sandwich, or hot-off-the-grill dish.

1. Taleggio & Grainy Mustard

Photo by Marissa Mullen

Taleggio is a wash-rind cow's milk cheese from Italy, notable for its creamy texture, orange exterior, and pungent aroma. Although Taleggio's smell can be potent, its flavor is mild and buttery with a fruity tang. I love the combination of taleggio with a whole grain mustard, especially on something super-savory, like a hot dog. Cover a hot dog bun with room temperature taleggio, followed by a thin layer of mustard. The savory juices from the hot dog complement the pungent cheese, while the mustard cuts through with a tangy finish.

2. Sharp Cheddar & Pickle Relish

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An aged sharp cheddar with sweet pickled cucumbers has always been a favorite cheese board pairing of mine. For a summertime meal, cheddar melts wonderfully on sandwiches and burgers alike. Cheddar can be quite creamy on the palate, which is why I love brightening the bite with a pickle relish. Relish has the tang, sweetness, and bitter flavors to round out the experience. To put this pairing to work, I'd recommend layering cheddar and relish on a super-crispy chicken smash burger, or even using the cheese in the burger, be it classic beef or a fried mushroom version.

3. Gruyere & Honey Mustard

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Gruyere is an earthy and complex Swiss cow's milk cheese. When on the younger side, the cheese has a mild and creamy flavor. As it ages, it develops notes of hazelnut and slightly fruity characteristics of pineapple and apricot. Both offer an excellent base for a smooth honey mustard (store-bought is great, as is quickly stirring together whatever mustard and honey you have on hand, but you could also make your own if you're feeling ambitious), encouraging the sweeter notes in the cheese to shine while still remaining on the savory side. Gruyere is another great melting cheese, making this pairing shine in grilled cheese and burgers alike.

4. Camembert & Tomato Jam

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Camembert is a decadent French cow's milk cheese with notes of salted butter, creme fraiche and mushrooms. Pairing this elegant cheese with tomato jam takes the experience to a whole new level. Something like ketchup can be a bit sweet, while this tomato jam recipe incorporates lemon, cinnamon and chili flakes for an extra zesty kick. Spread some camembert on a slice of toasted bread, then add a layer of tomato jam, and top it with a juicy turkey burger for an elevated barbecue treat.

5. Blue Cheese & Buffalo Sauce

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Last, but definitely not least, this is a classic combination for the summer grilling season. Blue cheese and buffalo sauce (which is technically a simple combination of hot sauce, butter and garlic powder) work wonderfully together, blending the pungent and creamy notes of the blue with the sauce's buttery, spicy vinegar-y kick. I highly recommend trying this combination on a chicken burger or with grilled wings


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