Tucker Carlson vows to help infamous anti-vaxxer sue "totalitarians" who banned him from Twitter

"I hope you sue the crap out of these totalitarians, I really do," said Carlson

Published August 31, 2021 5:31AM (EDT)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Getty Images)
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Getty Images)

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On Fox News Monday, Tucker Carlson hosted Alex Berenson, a right-wing author who was banned from Twitter over the weekend after months of posting lies and disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

Carlson urged Berenson to sue Twitter to force them to reinstate his account — something that there is no basis in law for doing — and even offered to fund the effort himself.

"I think there is a separate issue here, which is that Twitter has defamed me," said Berenson. "Twitter has said that my information is inaccurate and as a result, everyone from Vice to other places, you know, they say terrible things about me and they say I'm disgraced or that I'm putting out false information. Twitter is not just one voice on its site, obviously. Twitter is the operator of its own site. And it has a special responsibility not to defame users of the site. So, you know, it's not just that I have a right to put out information, right or wrong, it's that I think the information is right. So please, join the movement, come to Substack, support this fight."

"I hope you sue the crap out of these totalitarians, I really do," said Carlson. "And if you do, I hope you'll come back and tell us how we can buy popcorn and watch. I really do . . . I want to fund it. I do. I mean that."

Among the false claims Berenson has promoted are that vaccines do not prevent transmission, are linked to serious illness, and suppress the immune system. He has also cast doubt on masks and social distancing.

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