Fox News host suggests that Kamala Harris got her job by being "a Black and a woman"

"I feel like she's the influencer of vice presidents," Fox News host Todd Piro says

Published November 20, 2021 8:56AM (EST)

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Fox News host Todd Piro on Friday suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris was unqualified for her job, which he suggested she only got due to her race and gender.

While discussing Harris's brief stint as acting president while President Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy, Piro disparaged Harris's political career and claimed she hasn't proven capable of doing the job she was elected to perform.

"What has Kamala Harris really ever done?" he asked. "What has she ever gotten done?"

He then went on to speculate as to why Harris was selected to be Biden's running mate.

"I feel like she's the influencer of vice presidents," he said. "She got the job for her popularity vis-à-vis being an influencer, obviously, a Black and a woman — a Black woman. And I think because of that she was able to be useful to this administration. And now? Not so useful now that she's not doing anything."

Piro then lamented that he couldn't boast to his young daughter that America had a woman president for a brief time because Harris "isn't going to do anything to earn the right to be president."

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By Brad Reed


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