Jennifer Aniston on "painful" comments about not having children

The "Friends" star sadly reminds us of how society makes assumptions about & have strict expectations for women

Published December 21, 2021 4:30PM (EST)

Jennifer Aniston on "The Morning Show" (Apple TV+)
Jennifer Aniston on "The Morning Show" (Apple TV+)

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It's incredible how it's the year 2021 and people still haven't given Jennifer Aniston a rest about not having kids. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the "Friends" actress shared once again how painful hearing and reading rumors about her picking a career over having children have hurt.

The lives of the cast of "Friends" have always been closely followed even after the end of the sitcom, but none more than Jennifer Aniston's. She has been involved in the most projects (and the biggest) since "Friends" ended. But her career isn't the only thing we read about, but her personal life choices, too, which is so wrong.

Not only is it none of our business whether any woman wants to be a mom or not, but Jennifer has faced so much hate over not having children. In the interview, the tells the source that she typically doesn't allow hate to get to her, but the "pregnancy rumors" and "career over kids" assumptions are something she has always taken seriously.

"Friends" star Jennifer Aniston on crazy career and motherhood "assumptions"

Jennifer tells the source that people have no clue what's going on. She doesn't exactly tell us (which she doesn't have to), but she hints that no one should assume if someone can even have children in the first place, saying:

"You have no clue what's going on with me personally, medically, why I can't…can I have kids? They don't know anything! …It was hurtful and just nasty."

As Independent reminds us, these rumors were tough when Jennifer was with now ex-fiance Justin Theroux. During that time, Jennifer was made to feel selfish for her decisions. In a December 2014 interview, Jennifer recalls the "painful things" people would say about her.

We're glad Jennifer is feeling more comfortable these days shrugging any comments off and are glad she's living her best life!

Fans can see Jennifer Aniston next in "Murder Mystery 2" and "Hail Mary," both currently in pre-production.

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