10 DIY decorations for your New Year's Eve party

Because who really wants to go out on New Year's Eve?

Published December 29, 2021 11:00AM (EST)

 (James Ransom / Food52)
(James Ransom / Food52)

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In my personal (and time-tested) opinion, New Year's Eve is best spent at home, whether it be yours or someone else's. There's less pressure to dress up and wear uncomfortable shoes, and you don't have to elbow your way to the open bar to get your money's worth before midnight, not to mention various chairs to plop onto when you're full of snacks and bubbly.

Jut because you're at home, though, doesn't mean NYE needs to feel like yet another night in (but if you want to hang in your pajamas, go for it). You can get as festive as you'd like with decor that bridges the gap between the times you had the stamina to go out and that ever-growing part of you that would rather stay in.

Below, find some of our favorite DIY New Year's Eve decorations to dial up the festivities no matter how big or small your celebration.

1. Chin, chin dah-ling

Is there any phrase that represents a fancy little New Year's party more than "chin, chin?" OK, maybe "Happy New Year," but that's neither here nor there.

2. Save your Christmas tree branches

Even if you're not into leaving the Christmas tree up for New Year's Eve (but I mean, what's a little more cheer, right?), save a couple branches and use them to spruce up an ice bucket.

3. Make butcher's paper pinwheels

Got a roll of butcher's paper handing around? Turn it into fun and easy pinwheels to affix to walls, doorways, bar carts, and anything else your heart desires.

4. Balloon that doorway

Balloons and some tinsel — that's all you really need to say, "Hey, this is a party!" And party you will.

5. Tiny tinsel drink stirrers

Make a bunch of these little drink stirrers and pop them into a glass next to some straws, ice, and fixings of your choosing. A perfect drink station!

6. Disco ball it up

Disco balls are everywhere right now — even on your floor. This idea might not work in a home with pets, but if you don't have any creatures with claws running around, go wild with balloons and disco balls all over!

7. Set up a champagne tower

Only cool people make Champagne towers, and you too, can be a cool person by following this tutorial.

8. DIY ball drop

Yes, yes you can. If you're really committed, that is. Imagine how delighted your guests would be, though!

9. Not your grandmother's party hats

Unless your grandma was like, really cool and trendy. No New Year's Eve party is complete without accessories like hats and little noise makers, and these ones just take it up a notch.

10. Make a fun menu

Even if the food being served is an assortment of mini hotdogs, nachos, and sparkling wine, why not make it a little more special with a lovely little menu?

By Caroline Mullen

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