A glimpse inside the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Watch rare footage of the Russian attack upon Ukraine's nuclear power plant

Published March 5, 2022 9:59AM (EST)

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This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

The New York Times has obtained footage that offers a look inside the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant located in Ukraine as Russian armed forces invade. According to the report, the footage was submitted to The Times by an inside source with ties to local government.

In the video, which was reportedly filed on Friday, March 4, a warning relayed in Russian could be heard over loudspeakers inside the nuclear facility. The message was presumably directed toward the soldiers positioned outside. While it is unclear exactly when the clip was filmed, the NY Times reports:

"A clock seen on the wall bears the approximate time of the attack on Friday. A sign reads "35 years; Block 3" — an apparent reference to the start of operations in the block. Construction of the plant began in 1979, and by 1987, four power units were in operation, according to the website for Energoatom, a state-run enterprise that operates all nuclear plants in Ukraine."

"Stop firing at the nuclear facility," the voice was heard saying. "Immediately stop firing. You are endangering the safety of the entire world. The operation of a crucial part of Zaporizhzhia's plant could be damaged. We will not be able to restore it."

The latest clip follows previous videos that captured militants firing missiles at structures inside the nuclear plant. As a result of the attack, one building went up in flames. As a result of the attack, Russian militants are now in control of the plant.

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