Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner predicts what's in store for Stephen Miller

"Things have just gotten real for Stephen Miller," Kirschner said Sunday during a segment on MSNBC

Published September 11, 2022 1:41PM (EDT)

Former White House Senior Advisor and Director of Speechwriting Steven Miller (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)
Former White House Senior Advisor and Director of Speechwriting Steven Miller (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

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During an appearance very early on MSNBC on Sunday, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner predicted that former Donald Trump adviser Stephen Miller will likely be put in the position of either flipping on his former boss or risk perjuring himself before a federal grand jury.

On Friday, CNN reported that Miller -- a close Oval Office confidante of the former president -- was the recipient of a subpoena from a federal grand jury investigating Trump's "Save America PAC."

The report stated, "a federal grand jury is examining the Save America leadership PAC, one of former President Donald Trump's main political and fundraising vehicles, in an expansion of the criminal investigation into the events surrounding the US Capitol attack on January 6, 2021."

According to Kirschner, the abrasive Miller has never received the kind of scrutiny he is about to be subjected to.

"I think one thing we should pay attention to is the difference between a January 6th congressional subpoena, and there have been, I think, more than 1000 witnesses at last count interviewed by the January 6th Congressional committee," Kirschner explained. "The difference is between that kind of a subpoena and a federal grand jury subpoena, which is what now Stephen Miller has had placed in his hands."

"Because you can play some games trying to avoid a congressional subpoena and Congress does not have the same tools to enforce its subpoenas and compel testimony," he added. "But I'll tell you what: the department of justice does."

"Things have just gotten real for Stephen Miller and anybody else who has a federal grand jury subpoena," he elaborated. "I have to believe at the end of the day he will testify truthfully and if not he'll be looking at a perjury charge in contempt or obstruction of justice charge."

"If he testifies truthfully about what Donald Trump has done, that could spell additional trouble for Trump," he added.

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