Trump biographer predicts his lawyers will accuse ex-Trump Org. exec Allen Weisselberg of lying

"Weisselberg is just a humongous wild card because he knows things," warns Tim O'Brien

Published October 25, 2022 1:30PM (EDT)

Allen Weisselberg behind Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. (Getty/Timothy A. Clary)
Allen Weisselberg behind Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. (Getty/Timothy A. Clary)

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The Trump Organization fraud trial began in New York on Monday with jury selection and once that is in place, they'll begin with the case against the former president's company allegedly giving out sweet perks that were never taxed.

"I think they're going to be worried about Allen Weissberg because Allen was Fred Trump's accountant before he was Donald Trump's CFO, and he knows where all the financial bodies are buried, and I think they're worried about his testimony to the point that they've already signaled they're going to accuse him of lying," said Trump biographer Tim O'Brien, who has been sued by Trump.

He went on to explain that it's an "extraordinary posture" for Trump's legal team to take given Allen Weisselberg has done everything possible not to sell out the Trumps. But his testimony will be critical in the case.

"It doesn't really behoove the Trump Organization to alienate Allen Weisselberg but they've chosen to go that route and I think it suggests they understand how damaging he could be. He's the wildcard in all of this," said O'Brien. "I think, Cy Vance, Alvin Bragg's predecessor, left a gigantic problem and headache he should have resolved before he left office because the Manhattan D.A.'s own lawyers were divided on whether to indict Donald Trump. They weren't sure -- there was a faction in the office that believed they had the evidence and another faction that didn't. Bragg has backed away from that. They've indicted the Trump Organization — the business and they've, obviously, indicted Allen Weisselberg. Trump himself is not at risk here."

He explained that the company likely isn't going to be as at risk as it will be from the New York attorney general's case, calling that an "authentically existential risk."

"But Allen Weisselberg is just a humongous wild card because he knows things that go beyond what is in the purview of the court, financial fraud or sketchy reimbursement of $1.7 or so million. But he knows a lot of other things, and I think one of the interesting dynamics to watch here is whether Allen Weisselberg starts to spill more than anyone expected him to," anticipated O'Brien.

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