Trump insider gives insight into timing of Ivanka turning her back on dad's campaign

According to the insider, Ivanka is trying to steal Trump's thunder

Published November 20, 2022 4:00AM (EST)

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump (Getty Images/Salon)
Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump (Getty Images/Salon)

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During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Alex Witt Show," a longtime Donald Trump associate claimed Ivanka Trump announced she would not take part in her father's third run for the presidency because she was hoping to steal his thunder.

Speaking with host Witt, Omarosa Manigault Newman claimed that Ivanka learned well from her father how to steal the spotlight and make herself the center of attention.

"Look, you know the family," host Witt prompted. "So, specifically, Eric Trump and Jared Kushner were there. Don Junior and Ivanka were not. Ivanka continued by writing on Instagram that she is going to sit out her father's 2024 campaign to prioritize her children."

"Did this surprise you, Omarosa?" she continued. "Do you think there might be more to the story? And, what do you think would be Donald's reaction; the reaction she got from her father considering how he built her up during his presidency?"

"You know, what is interesting is that Ivanka's very strategic," the former Trump aide replied. "I would say she is his favorite child, so, the fact that she chose that timing, that moment to announce that she was not going to support him was her opportunity to be very much like her father, and take the spotlight and let the narrative be about her."

"She knew that that would damage him, she knew the narrative would be that his family was not there for him, his favorite child, I might add," she elaborated. "She is turning herself away from his politics. But, it did not surprise me, the timing, however, was the key element there that she wanted to be so public in the fact that she was not going to support him this time around."

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