Jon Stewart blasts UK Labour Party for dropping candidate who liked a "Daily Show" Israel sketch

The 2014 sketch pokes fun at how difficult it can be to discuss Israel and Palestine without backlash

By Nardos Haile

Staff Writer

Published May 30, 2024 3:42PM (EDT)

The Daily Show with John Stewart (Comedy Central)
The Daily Show with John Stewart (Comedy Central)

Across the pond, Jon Stewart has ruffled some British feathers.

Tensions in U.K.'s Labour Party are high after it chose not to back left-leaning Faiza Shaheen, an academic and economist, during her campaign to become a member of parliament. Shaheen was told on Wednesday that her candidacy would not be supported, likely attributed to 14 social media posts she was previously questioned about, Al Jazeera reported. One of these posts, which the Jewish Labour Movement flagged for her "liking" it, was allegedly an old "The Daily Show" video featuring a 2014 Israel sketch from Stewart and the show's correspondents. Shaheen has stated that she does not remember liking the tweet.

The growing controversy was put on Stewart's radar on Wednesday when former MSNBC journalist Mehdi Hasan mentioned Stewart on X. With the attached video, Hasan said, "not sure if you're following the Jon-Stewart-related news out of the UK but Labour parliamentary candidate and Muslim woman @faizashaheen has just been suspended tonight from the Labour Party for liking on Twitter this old Israel video sketch of yours."

In a post that has been viewed 2.3 million times, Stewart replied, "This is the dumbest thing The UK has done since electing Boris Johnson . . . what the actual f**k . . . "

The segment features Stewart attempting to discuss Israel but being met with angry, "Daily Show" correspondents like Jessica Williams, Jordan Klepper and Michael Che. The correspondents yell and shout, not letting Stewart finish his opinions or the news. Klepper even yells, "self-hating Jew" at Stewart.

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