Salon Comments

How do comments work at Salon?

Salon is a gathering for the stimulating exchange of both ideas and entertainment. At the end of Salon articles you will find an invitation to post a comment, and participate in this exchange. Clicking presents you with a form accommodating your statement of up to 1,000 characters in length. You will not be able to remove your comment later, so give it a quick review before you post.

Please note that you are giving Salon the rights to distribute your comment in perpetuity, and that you take responsibility for the contents, including the accuracy and legality of your statement. If you want to learn more about the legal context, please see our Terms of Service.

How do I register to comment?

First, you must be 13 years or older to comment. Salon asks you to create an ongoing identity so others may get to know you by looking at all your past comments. There are multiple ways to create a login in order to post commentary. You can first log in to your Google or Facebook account, and then claim or create your comments login ID.

Why does Salon want to know my identity?

While there is an important role for anonymous comment in the age of the Internet, there is also a place for standing by your words. This is one such place. We welcome the use of an alternative name here, so long as it is not designed to defraud or defame, and so long as there is a connection to your "real life" should that ever be required.

Salon will never publish your contact information; however, we may contact you via your email address to attempt to resolve a problem. Salon will not provide your contact information to a third party unless you opt in to share it, or we are required by law to disclose it. Consider this if you choose to say things here that could be dangerous to you under a body of laws at some point in time.

For additional information about how Salon collects and uses information, read our Privacy Policy.

Offensive Submissions

Any comments, images, videos or other content you submit or upload to Salon are "Submissions" (as defined in the "Terms of Service"). You will find comments you disagree with, and we hope that inspires you to think about your viewpoint and theirs. You may also find comments with content that clearly does not belong in the discussion.

By providing a Submission, you represent and warrant that your Submission is original to you and does not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third parties, including, without limitation, any intellectual property rights and rights of publicity or privacy. You also represent and warrant that your Submissions do not include nudity, partial nudity, or adult content, and are not obscene, defamatory, graphically violent, physically threatening, or intended for any illegal purpose. You agree that your Submissions will not include software viruses or any other computer code designed to interfere with the functionality of or obtain any nonpublic information from any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.

Salon is not responsible for content that it does not create. However, Salon may remove comments and Submissions that are off-topic, promotional, harassing, vulgar, illegal in purpose, inappropriate on a site intended for a general audience, or as otherwise set forth in the Terms of Service. You may flag abusive or otherwise objectionable content for review.

Blocking participants

Comments writers who repeatedly have their comments removed as described above, or who have otherwise proven to be a general nuisance, will have their access to make comments suspended.

Question, suggestion or problem?

Contact help (at) salon (dot) com if you have questions or suggestions, or to report problems with comments.