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Desktop Warriors Dan Shafer
Microsoft's pushing ActiveX. Apple's got OpenDoc. Everyone has Java. You're not supposed to worry about who wins. Here's why you should.
December 2, 1996 2:35PM (UTC)
The Awful Truth Cintra Wilson
Relearning to Brainwash Our Nation's Youth
December 2, 1996 2:50PM (UTC)
Virtual Virgin Sam Quinones
Guadalupe, via cyberspace, returns to save the world.
December 2, 1996 6:09PM (UTC)
  Paul Festa
December 3, 1996 12:00AM (UTC)
Airframe Mary Elizabeth Williams
Mary Elizabeth Williams reviews Michael Crichton's new novel "Airframe".
December 3, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
Are we not men? We are Harvard! D. T. Max
How Harvard students created a new standard of manliness - and drove themselves crazy in the process.
December 3, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
America: Who Stole the Dream Dan Kennedy
They scored big four years ago with "America: What Went Wrong?" Why has Barlett and Steele's followup report vanished almost without a trace?
December 3, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
Vicarious Pleasures Courtney Weaver
What happens when your love life is a lot more interesting to your friends than it is to you?
December 3, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
God's In-Box Anne Lamott
Sometimes we need a little help from Upper Management.
December 3, 1996 1:33AM (UTC)
Salon: Sharps and Flats Gavin McNett
December 4, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
Mrs. Ike Katharine Whittemore
Katherine Whittemore reviews the biography "Mrs. Ike: Memories and Reflections on the Life of Mamie Eisenhower" by Susan Eisenhower.
December 4, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
Media Circus: Apocalypse Pretty Darn Soon David Futrelle
Meet Jack and Rexella Van Impe  the Regis and Kathy Lee of the Final Days
December 4, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
SALON Daily Clicks: Newsreal Jeff Stein
Spies and Sicko
December 4, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
Salon: Sharps and Flats Brad Wieners
December 5, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)
The Mouse That Squeaked Richard Rodriguez
Don't believe that Disney's defense of the Dalai Lama is a brave stand for artistic expression. The entertainment colossus simply realized it was more expedient to give in to Hollywood's New Age orthodoxy than to Chinese bureaucrats.
December 5, 1996 1:00AM (UTC)

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