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Music Feature: A match made in pop heaven Stephanie Zacharek
A match made in pop heaven: Costello's words and Bacharach's music were meant to be together
October 1, 1998 9:35PM (UTC)
The Sandglass Tom Beer
October 1, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
A desert affair Tehila Lieberman
A solitary night in the Sinai turns into an eerie and magical encounter. By Tehila Lieberman. Excerpted from 'Travelers Tales: Women in the Wild.'
October 1, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Ship of fools Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor reviews 'The Impostors,' Stanley Tucci's followup to 'Big Night'.
October 1, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Scaife tells why he cut off Spectator's funding Murray Waas
The reclusive billionaire points the finger at fellow Arkansas Project conspirators in testimony before the grand jury.
October 1, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Falling for Tiger Woods Erin J. Aubry
Watching Tiger Woods play golf reconnected me with a heedless kind of faith and a sense of journey I hadn't felt in years.
October 1, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
  David Hudson
'Habitus' mixes a dab of literary theory with a dose of the fantastic.
October 1, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Escaping college poverty Hank Hyena
If this campus parasite can make money and get laid, you can too.
October 2, 1998 2:12PM (UTC)
Birds Of America Dave Eggers
Dave Eggers reviews 'Birds of America' by Lorrie Moore
October 2, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Why I hate B&Bs Julie Garagliano
Julie Garagliano explains why she prefers anonymous hotel rooms to teddy bears, claw-foot bathtubs, breakfast quiches and shared bonhomie.
October 2, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Noir way out Jonathan Lethem
Jonathan Lethem reviews 'Hit Me,' directed by Steve Shainberg and starring Elias Koteas, Laure Marsac and William H. Macy.
October 2, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Ant angst Janelle Brown
Woody Allen is the voice of an anxious and whiny worker ant in Dreamworks' charmingly hokey 'Antz'.
October 2, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Clay Pigeons Andrew O'Hehir
Vince Vaughn is irresistible as the psycho villain in the otherwise empty Clay Pigeons.
October 2, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
I, robot? My robot! Janelle Brown
With Lego's new kit, you, too, can play God with a mechanical creature of your own design.
October 2, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)
Sex scandals can be contagious Aisiah Abdullah
Anything Americans can do, Malaysians can do better, including cooking up a preposterous sex scandal to divert attention from a failing economy.
October 2, 1998 11:00PM (UTC)

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