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"We were wrong" Wagner James Au
Now when will Nader, Moore, Steinem, Chomsky -- and the other leftists who were monumentally mistaken about the war in Afghanistan -- join me in admitting it?
February 1, 2002 7:05AM (UTC)
Did I watch the wrong channel? Gary Kamiya
The media gushed over an "eloquent" and "passionate" State of the Union address many of us didn't see.
February 1, 2002 7:51AM (UTC)
Enron's energy policy priorities Salon Staff
The full text of the document that Kenneth Lay gave to Vice President Dick Cheney.
February 1, 2002 10:37PM (UTC)
Nothing Personal Amy Reiter
Hefner goes teary at awards ceremony; Tiffany stages her comeback ... naked! Plus: Stephen King on his worst nightmare; the "Spinal Tap" boys reunite to take on folk music; Jesse Ventura gets his own musical.
February 1, 2002 10:39PM (UTC)
California readies criminal charges against Enron Anthony York
The energy company's response to subpoenas has been "disgusting," charges state Senate committee head.
February 1, 2002 11:44PM (UTC)
Literary Daybook the Salon Books Editors
Real and imaginary events of interest to readers.
February 2, 2002 1:00AM (UTC)
A Geezer in Paradise Carlos Amantea
How one member of the Liver Spot Set beat Mexican bureaucracy; the joy of giant duck love; and the geezer is asked to revisit fatherhood.
February 2, 2002 1:00AM (UTC)
"Birthday Girl" Charles Taylor
Nicole Kidman isn't bad as a Russian bride in this noirish sex comedy, but her feeble costar could use a good tug.
February 2, 2002 1:00AM (UTC)
Love Collision Lucie Chevalier
A couple with a dazzling and fiery toddler ask if they can expect familial harmony.
February 2, 2002 1:00AM (UTC)
"Brotherhood of the Wolf" Andrew O'Hehir
"Dangerous Liaisons" meets "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" in this profoundly insane French horror movie. Plus: Native American kung fu!
February 2, 2002 1:00AM (UTC)
Letters Letters to the Editor
By Eric Boehlert and John W. Dean
February 2, 2002 1:00AM (UTC)
"Slackers" Stephanie Zacharek
The doobie-smokin' masturbators in this witless college comedy really aren't assholes. Really and truly. And they have the chicks to prove it.
February 2, 2002 1:00AM (UTC)
Houston, we have a problem Katharine Mieszkowski
The city where deregulation is king is in Enron denial -- and won't let go of its wildcatting ways.
February 2, 2002 1:30AM (UTC)
Letters Salon Staff
By Scott Rosenberg
February 2, 2002 1:30AM (UTC)
From Enron to Cheney to California Anthony York
Golden State politicians are on the warpath after a leaked memo reveals Kenneth Lay's instructions on how the White House should handle last year's electricity crisis.
February 2, 2002 1:30AM (UTC)

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