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Twitter users fire back at "The Wire" creator David Simon's "inappropriate racial vernacular"

The veteran journalist and TV writer took a sarcastic shot at Sean Hannity last night and it backfired

Scott Eric Kaufman
September 20, 2016 5:50PM (UTC)

Some people, including the current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, shouldn't be permitted within a stone's throw of Twitter. Last night veteran journalist and creator of HBO's  "The Wire" David Simon proved himself to be among them, particularly for this tweet about the irony of Sean Hannity's being picked to moderate Trump's upcoming Fox News town hall on "core issues and concerns surrounding African-Americans" that sparked a torrent of backlash:

His followers on Twitter, many of them in TV and journalism, were not happy with his statements:


Simon doubled down in defense of his statement:

Sean Hannity jumps in with his two cents:

And cue the inevitable barrage of "The Wire" memes in response to Simon's initial tweet:

Scott Eric Kaufman

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