A Native American first for Congress?

There's never been a Native American Congresswoman in United States history, but with four indigenous women running for Congress in the upcoming midterm elections, 2018 may be the year when history is made. Deb Haaland, a Democratic candidate for Congress in New Mexico's First District spoke with SalonTV about the importance of equal representation in a democracy and what she plans to do if she takes office.

"Native Americans are one of the groups who are most underrepresented in our country," Haaland told Salon. "There's still people in New Mexico, Native Americans who have never registered to vote. That's something I've worked on for a long, long time, making sure that underrepresented folks have a seat at the table." Haaland has high hopes for inspiring other women get involved politically. "If I win my seat that will help other native women to realize that they can run for office, whether it's Congress, whether it's school board, whether it's you know, state representative or state senator. I think it's important that we have diversity at every level and there are just not enough women of color in any elected office across the country," she told Salon.

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