How to make your resolutions stick

"Hey, D! Throw all of the bread, cakes and soda away! I'm knocking off 30 pounds this year and you are going to help me! Are you ready, cuz? Let's get to work!"

Some variation of that is what my cousin always yells at me around the last week of December. It's been happening almost every year since we became adults. He buys workout clothes, special jogging sneakers with traffic reflectors, and even joins some type of gym with a trainer who calls the house at least 30 times a week. Sometimes it works

I've seen him shed a few pounds. But his diet never lasts past the third week of January.

And he's not alone. Every year, millions of people set New Year's resolutions and don't stick with them. I often tell people, "If you want to fail at something, make it your New Year's resolution!"

But I'd like to move past that attitude. I hate seeing people fail, and especially when it's for the same reasons every time: "My resolution was to travel more but I'm too busy" or "My resolution was to save money but everything is so expensive."

I think we can move past that with a new strategy, which I'm sharing with you today on the Salon 5. Here are all of the tools you'll need to achieve your goals in the new year.

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