Analysis: What does Mueller know? Democrats dig into obstruction of justice and Trump

Salon breaks down the political implications of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into President Donald Trump with Salon's executive editor Andrew O'Hehir and host Dean Obeidallah. How will Attorney General William Barr's account that Mueller found no link between the Trump campaign and conspiring with Russia, but also no answers on obstruction of justice affect where Democrats in Congress take it from here?

"I don't think we know enough yet," O'Hehir said. "The public has to read the report because as Jerry Nadler, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has said all along that he believes Trump has clearly obstructed justice, but he's not sure that this is an impeachable offense

a worthy impeachable offense. It's a political question."

O'Hehir also points out that Mueller was specifically looking at the campaign's relationship to Russia during the 2016 election, and not looking at Trump's financial past or business dealings. "The only thing he said is that he couldn't find criminal conspiracy related to the election."

Looking at the bigger picture and at Trump's positioning in the 2020 re-election campaign, Obeidallah noted that this doesn't mean Trump is in the clear with any voters who have already made their minds up about the president.

"The cloud over the head of Trump for so many is not about the criminality," Obeidallah said "I'm Muslim and he deamonized my community to try to win an election attempting to ban [us], he's demonized African Americans, Latino Americans, trans Americans. He's stood with every male abuser over every female victim, including himself. I am troubled far more by that than the Russian thing, as he has called it."

Watch the episode above to hear more about how Trump and 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are responding, and a discussion on if there was too much liberal hysteria around Mueller delivering a sweeping indictment.

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