Singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer on why she’s “part mysterious muse, part technician”

Alt-rock icon Amanda Palmer plays an acoustic version of her song "Voicemail for Jill," off of her latest album “There Will Be No Intermission,” available now, for “Salon Stage.” Palmer also answers live questions from fans, including one about her songwriting process and one about what helps her make it through her toughest times.

"Voicemail for Jill,” a song about Palmer’s personal experiences with abortion, is part of a

“dark, relentless period” of her life that set the stage for the entire album. And while it’s not her first song about abortion, Palmer wanted to write a song about abortion that she was proud of, she tells “Salon Stage.”

“How do you write about abortion without being too sentimental, too preachy, too political? Even uttering the word abortion in a song is a political act and I didn’t want to get it wrong,” Palmer shared with Salon.

Watch the performance above to hear Palmer perform "Voicemail for Jill,” describe the deep meaning behind it, and answer fan questions. And watch more “Salon Stage” sessions here.

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