Kathy Griffin on her FBI raid: “It came directly from the Trump family and Jeff Sessions”

Kathy Griffin’s life took an unexpected turn after a single photograph, made her President Trump’s favorite target and sent her straight to Hollywood’s blacklist. But, as Griffin shared on “Salon Talks,” answering to haters is the only thing she trained for as a stand-up comic.

“I've kind of been a one-man band my whole career anyway, so I've never been someone that was like cloaked with a studio or a movie franchise or anything like that, so thank God for stand up and thank God that nobody can stop people from buying tickets,” Griffin said.

Fresh off of her international “Laugh Your Head Off" tour — named for the infamous Donald Trump mask photo — Griffin is debuting her new part documentary, part standup special, “A Hell of a Story”, which documents her experiences being investigated by the FBI for conspiracy to assassinate the president and her comeback tour. The film will be at theaters across the country as a Fathom events special on July 31.

Griffin asserts that she was unfairly singled out by Trump and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “I actually made phone calls to the other folks who allegedly made a threat towards Trump,” she explained. “Snoop Dogg didn't pay a price. Johnny Depp, the singer Morrisey, Peter Fonda, and you know, some of them got a call from the Secret Service, maybe. Bette Midler got a call from the Secret Service and I said, ‘Oh please tell me they're not putting you under investigation.’ She said, ‘No,’ and I said, ‘Okay, thank God.’ Well, with me, they just put me under an open investigation by the Secret Service and the U.S. Attorney's office, ready to prosecute if they found anything.”

Watch the video above to hear why Griffin thinks the majority of her Hollywood friends now want nothing to do with her, and watch Kathy Griffin’s full episode to hear her message to the studio executives who have been judging her appearance since the beginning of her career.

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