Are logistics the most overlooked part of the startup-loving food industry?

Jenna Liut, the host of “Eating Matters” on Heritage Radio Network, sits down with Jennifer Goggin, the co-founder of Startle Innovation, to discuss new ways to reinvent how food is produced, transported and purchased.

“The whole food industry ecosystem has gotten way more complex with many different players,” Goggin explained. “Before this shift, the dynamics were very linear, the players were very stable—you had the farmer, processor, distributor, the middle man, the retail man and the consumer.”

With a universe of food startups and the explosion of Amazon, questions about supply chains become all the more important. And according to Goggin, the venture capital money being infused into the food industry today is focused on personalization and convenience, often without thinking about the less exciting elements of the supply chain.

“We also really need to be looking at logistics and processing facilities—things that don’t scale easily, but take a lot of money to make,” she said.

Watch the full conversation above to hear more about how Startle Innovation is finding creative approaches to food production and transportation. And watch the full Good Tech and Good Food event presented by Food Tank and Salon here.

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