How country-soul singer Yola transitioned from collaborator to frontwoman

Yola is bringing her unique, retro flair to country and soul music with her debut album "Walk Through the Fire." The UK-born singer, who is touring this fall with Kacey Musgraves and Greta Van Fleet, performed an exclusive acoustic set on "Salon Stage."

The titular track on Yola's debut album, "Walk Through the Fire," signifies her traumatic experience with a dangerous house fire. Yola described a more metaphorical meaning to the song as it relates to the music industry. "The big relationships in my life were kind of predicated on manipulation and using my skillset, and so I never really put myself in the front unless someone allowed me to be in the front," she told Salon.

Now as a solo artist, Yola has taken charge of her career and her life and is embracing the transition from being a background collaborator to the star of her own country-soul show. "Everything had chosen me and so this big change is very much a turnaround," she said.

"Walk Through the Fire" is available now. Watch the video above to hear the acoustic version of the track. And watch Yola's full "Salon Stage" set on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

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