The world's leading snack foods company, Mondelez, wants to be more sustainable

Food Tank president Danielle Nierenberg sits down with Chris McGrath, chief sustainability and well-being officer at Mondelez, to discuss the importance of including big snack food brands in conversations around sustainable and regenerative food production.

"We can make a significant impact in changing food systems. We are one of the world-largest snack food companies," McGrath told Nierenberg. Mondelez is the company behind popular snack foods like Chips Ahoy!, Oreos and Ritz crackers. "The potential to make change is pretty significant," McGrath said.

"For us, consumers are at the center of everything we do," she added. "What consumers now understand, to be healthy, they want to know where did the food come from, how are the farmers and the workers treated, what's in the food, the backstory and purpose that the company brings to it."

Watch the full conversation above to hear more about how Mondelez is digging deeper into its impact on the planet and partnering with local farmers. And watch the full Eating for a Healthier and Sustainable Planet event presented by Food Tank and Salon here.

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