Penn Jillette predicts the next mega magician will be a woman

Legendary magician Penn Jillette is excited for the next wave of talent in the magic world and has a prediction for who will lead the next generation. One half of the famous duo, Penn and Teller, talked to "Salon Talks" about the new season of his long-running show, "Penn and Teller: Fool Us," where he and Teller challenge magicians around the world to test out a trick on them. Through the process of filming the show, Jillette says he is thrilled to see more gender diversity in a field that has long been dominated by men.

"Magic is sexist. The Magic Circle, the biggest magic organization in London, did not allow women on the premises until the '90s," he told SalonTV's Alli Joseph. "All of a sudden, because of the internet, because you don't have to be in environments that are uncomfortable, there are a lot of girls into magic."

Jillete explained how women are using that outsider culture to their advantage. "We're in our 60s, we've been in magic all this time, we are completely surrounded by the culture of magic that didn't include women." He went on, "people that came up a little bit outside of the form knew things that we didn't know being so deeply inside it."

"Statistically, we're gonna see in five years the biggest magic star in the country, it's very likely to be a woman, and I am thrilled about that."

Watch the video above to learn more about how the magic culture is moving away from its sexist tendencies And watch the full episode to hear about Penn and Teller's new virtual reality prank video game, Jillette's horrible first experiences with magic and how Teller convinced him that magic was intellectual.

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