Abrahm Lustgarten

California law proposal would punish companies for failing to limit harm to forests Abrahm Lustgarten
Scientists call for drastic drop in emissions. U.S. appears to have gone the other way Abrahm Lustgarten
Tropical Weather Hurricane Florence
Potential insurance bill from Hurricane Florence could take toll on wallets far from N.C. coast Abrahm Lustgarten
A Teflon Pan
How the EPA and the Pentagon downplayed a growing toxic threat Abrahm Lustgarten
US Pentagon
Congress aims to force Pentagon reform on open burning of munitions Abrahm Lustgarten
Canadian research adds to worry over an environmental threat the Pentagon has downplayed for decades Abrahm Lustgarten
Members of the ground crew work on U.S. Air Force F-15E fighter jet following a mission over Afghanistan at Bagram air base
How military outsourcing turned toxic Abrahm Lustgarten
At last, air monitor set to test for lead near military open burn site Abrahm Lustgarten
water tower
The Golden State's water crisis: California and EPA poised to expand pollution of potential drinking water reserves Abrahm Lustgarten
California Drought
Gimme a break! IRS tax loophole can reward excessive water use in drought-stricken West Abrahm Lustgarten
Desperate times, desperate measures: California experiments with leasing water rights Abrahm Lustgarten
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