Jake Johnson

MoveOn wants Democratic candidates to skip pro-Israel conference Jake Johnson
An end to "endless war": Sanders, Warren pledge to shut down post-9/11 conflicts Jake Johnson
Activists accuse N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of "groveling" before Jeff Bezos to revive Amazon HQ2 plan Jake Johnson
Wall Street execs pick faves for 2020: "It can't be Warren and it can't be Sanders" Jake Johnson
Democrats reportedly ready to offer Trump billions for "smart wall" — activists are outraged Jake Johnson
"Terrible news" for Republicans: Gen Z may be most progressive ever Jake Johnson
Bernie Sanders: Acting EPA chief is a "disgrace" for claiming climate change not "greatest crisis" Jake Johnson
"Time to play hardball": Progressives push Senate Dems to stonewall Trump Jake Johnson
Native Americans "among hardest hit" by Trump shutdown: Depleted stores, understaffed clinics Jake Johnson
Centrist Democrats who lost now want to lecture progressives on how to win Jake Johnson
Saudis using child soldiers in Yemen: Our tax dollars help pay for them Jake Johnson
Noam Chomsky predicted the rise of Donald Trump six years ago Jake Johnson
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