Jake Johnson

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)
Audio shows GOP Sen. Joni Ernst telling donors she wants "changes" to Medicare, Medicaid Jake Johnson
Bernie Sanders
"Outrageous and Un-American," Bernie Sanders says of city jailing people for unpaid medical debt Jake Johnson
MSNBC's Chuck Todd under fire for reciting quote comparing Sanders supporters to Nazis Jake Johnson
Pete Buttigieg; Bernie Sanders
Sanders calls out Buttigieg for raking in billionaire donations Jake Johnson
Donald Trump
Iraqi officials say ISIS likely behind rocket attack Trump used to justify Soleimani assassination Jake Johnson
Donald Trump; Richard Nixon
Trump reportedly compiling Nixonian "enemies list" as he seeks revenge for impeachment Jake Johnson
Donald Trump
"Cruelty is the point": Trump takes aim at Medicaid with plan that could harm millions Jake Johnson
Qassem Soleimani; Agnes Callamard
UN investigator of extrajudicial executions wants official probe of Soleimani killing Jake Johnson
Donald Trump Marines Iraq
"Clear example of terrorism": Iran denounces deadly U.S. bombings in Iraq and Syria Jake Johnson
Hands counting us dollars with calculator and digital tablet
World's 500 richest people gained $1.2 trillion in wealth in 2019: analysis Jake Johnson
Amazon and Ring hit with lawsuit after camera hacks confirm worst fears of privacy advocates Jake Johnson
Campaign 2016 Why It Matters Student Debt
Sanders report shows how millennials are "punished with crushing student debt and low-paying jobs" Jake Johnson
Richard Neal
Top House Democrat kills effort to end "devastating" surprise medical bills Jake Johnson
Jaguars Jets Football
"Astonishing" Trump rule could let banks classify NFL stadium investments as aid to poor communities Jake Johnson
Health Overhaul Vignette Trump Voter
Trump proposes Social Security change that could end disability benefits for hundreds of thousands Jake Johnson