John Feffer

John Feffer is the author of the dystopian novel "Splinterlands" and the director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies. "Frostlands," a Dispatch Books original, is volume two of his Splinterlands series, and the final novel in the trilogy is "Songlands." He has also written "Right Across the World: The Global Networking of the Far-Right and the Left Response."

Viktor Orban, Giorgia Meloni and Geert Wilders
Kari Lake and Donald Trump
Viktor Orban; Marine Le Pen; Steve Bannon
California Wildfire
Robot sitting on stairs using laptop
Donald Trump; Proud Boys; Federal Officers; Portland
Donald Trump
Devin Nunes; Matt Gaetz; John Cornyn; John Kennedy
Venezuela; COVID-19; Coronavirus
US Mexico Border
Steve Bannon
Dollar Bill
Dead and Barren Earth