Kristie De Peña

Migrant Caravan Tijuana Mexico
Five things you need to know about Donald Trump's asylum ban — and its murky justification Kristie De Peña
EBT cards at a farmer's market
Do immigrants falsely claim public benefits? Whatever Trump thinks, the answer is pretty much no Kristie De Peña
Family Separation
Trump's proposed family detention rule: Longer incarceration with lower standards Kristie De Peña
Tucker Carlson; Michael Anton
No, Tucker Carlson: Birthright citizenship is not just an "assumption," and Trump can't undo it Kristie De Peña
Asylum Seekers
Is there rampant fraud among asylum seekers? On the border, I saw none Kristie De Peña
Donald Trump; Barack Obama
No, Trump's "family separation" policy at the border is not the same as Obama's Kristie De Peña
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