Nina Martin

Trusted health sites spread myths about a deadly pregnancy complication Nina Martin
Here’s one issue blue and red states agree on: preventing deaths of expectant and new mothers Nina Martin
A larger role for midwives could improve deficient U.S. care for mothers and babies Nina Martin
Alabama's frustrating half measure: Lawmakers to limit drug prosecutions during pregnancy Nina Martin
A Trojan horse of hate: North Carolina's new bill is a "hostile takeover of human rights" Nina Martin
Alabama hospitals are quietly drug testing new mothers -- without their consent Nina Martin
Take a valium, lose your kid, go to jail Nina Martin
A terrifying precedent: Woman to be tried for murder for giving birth to stillborn Nina Martin
"To say 'my religious law trumps your secular law' is a radical idea" Nina Martin
Prominent abortion researcher: We face our own harrassment Nina Martin
Bucking the trend, California is trying to expand access to abortions Nina Martin
WalMart sex-discrimination case has been a game changer Nina Martin
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