Paola Rosa-Aquino

Puerto Rico wasn’t ready for earthquakes — especially not after Hurricane Maria Paola Rosa-Aquino
Tropical Weather Hurricane Florence
5 ways we need to adapt to climate change — or pay the price Paola Rosa-Aquino
Democratic Debate
How did the fate of the planet fare at the third Democratic debate? Paola Rosa-Aquino
A flooded street after Hurricane Sandy.
How climate disasters can give us compassion fatigue Paola Rosa-Aquino
Hajj Pilgrimage in Mecca
Rising temperatures could endanger Muslims on Hajj pilgrimage Paola Rosa-Aquino
A flooded street after Hurricane Sandy.
Why FEMA isn’t prepared for the next major U.S. disaster Paola Rosa-Aquino
Bernie Sanders; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Bernie Sanders and AOC want to declare a climate emergency. Does that mean anything? Paola Rosa-Aquino
Dozens of public health groups call for climate action Paola Rosa-Aquino
Group of Graduates
The life-altering topic they’re not teaching you in school Paola Rosa-Aquino
Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria
What will a Jones Act waiver mean for Puerto Rico’s 100 percent renewable energy goal? Paola Rosa-Aquino
Donald Trump
The White House calls food stamp funds for Puerto Rico "excessive and unnecessary" Paola Rosa-Aquino
Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees
Tribes have climate wisdom — and good reason not to share it Paola Rosa-Aquino
Brazil Elections
Brazil’s presidential election could have grave consequences for the planet Paola Rosa-Aquino
Puerto Rico
Maria worsens economic uncertainty for Puerto Rican kids Paola Rosa-Aquino
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