Sabrina Terry

Sabrina Terry is the Director of Strategy and Development at NCRC. She leads the organization's outreach efforts to secure community investments from different sectors, as well as, advances standards for racial equity in corporations. She also leads industry councils that facilitate conversations between financial institutions and community organizations to meet the needs of historically marginalized communities.

Prior to NCRC, Sabrina was the senior program manager of Economic Initiatives within the UnidosUS’ Policy and Advocacy Department. Sabrina implemented UnidosUS nationwide pilots that integrate technology and financial products into direct services targeting low-income Latinos and immigrants. She also advocated for a more inclusive financial system for Latinos, including research and data analysis on the intersections of immigration policies, financial services, and wealth.

Sabrina also served as the manager of Community and Economic Development for the NAACP National Economic Department. She provided technical assistance to NAACP state and local branches to engage in economic justice policy campaigns and programs. Sabrina has also worked as an Urban Planner at the United Organization for Puerto Ricans (UPROSE) in Brooklyn, New York, where she managed area-wide studies assessing transportation and economic development opportunities.

Sabrina has experience working at the intersections of policy and practice at the national, state and local level, covering issues ranging from economic inequality, financial capability, and community development. She received her Bachelor’s in Political Science from San Francisco State University and Master’s in City and Regional Planning from Pratt University.

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